pink lace dress 5

pink lace dress 1

pink lace dress 4

pink lace dress 2

pink lace dress

pink lace dress 3

There’s nothing a pink lace dress, a bouffant, and a walk through the Upper East side can’t fix. Even sore feet and a missing laptop. The latter of which was my greeting to NYC unfortunately. Thankfully I recovered it on the way home though not without my fair share of late night phone calls and emails to the airline to try to track it down. Oi veh. But all of that seems to go by the wayside when surrounded by gorgeous gothic architecture and perfectly manicured topiaries. Oh and also… world’s most divine gnocchi at Via Quadronno.

How fun is this little half up-do? I had an appointment with Tresemme at the Skyline Studios in New York and my stylist did a great job whipping up some curls and a twisty bouffant. I can still smell the hairspray now…

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alice and olivia pink lace dress || white topshop bucket bag || gold bracelet || black coach heels via galleria edina c/o || kate spade crystal earrings

photos by Adriana

Fall Essentials for the Classic Girl

fall essentials for the classic girl

Trends come and go but some of the best pieces are the ones that can stick around for a while. This the mantra of the classic girl, I’ve shopped and shopped and come up with the 10 timeless pieces we absolutely can’t live without this fall.

Complete your fall wardrobe with these classic staples:
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1. plaid scarf
2. grandfather blazer
3. riding boots
4. classic blue jeans
5. bean boots
6. oversized turtleneck sweater
7. wool camp socks
8. khaki trench coat
9. red hunter boots
10. plaid poncho

Bows & Pleats

wool pleated shirt 4

wool pleated skirt 2

wool pleated skirt

wool pleated shirt 6

wool pleated shirt 1 wool pleated shirt 3

wool pleated shirt 7wool pleated shirt 5

Finding a good daily haircare system is like finding your perfect coffee shop drink. It takes some trial and error but once you get it you stick with it. I’ve been using a multi-faceted L’ANZA haircare system via Evolution Hair Salon in Minneapolis for months. With my recent trip to New York City for Fashion Week, I knew I would be hopping on a plane and hopping off and running straight to a fashion show. So I hopped into Evolution to get a style that would last through the travel to my seat on the runway. We started with the Emergency Hair Treatment, which I did last spring and loved. (Read more about it and see my Blake Lively-inspired braidy side-do.) It had been a few months and so was time for another round. It rejuvenates and restores your hair naturally using a natural and innovative approach. Then my stylist Beth, gave me some big curls which she recommended I toss in a loose low-bun for the flight. Once I hit the streets of NYC, the bun came out and the curls were still perfectly in place.

Evolution Hair Minneapolis

Trust me I don’t normally travel in shorts and flip flops… But I had just gotten a spray tan and needed to give my skin friction-less time to let it settle in. So I also brought travel-sized bottles of all my favorite L’ANZA products, the shampoo, conditioner, keratin healing oil, & healing style finishing mist. Thanks to those, I was able to maintain my normal haircare routine without needing an extra suitcase to transport the tools. Because obviously at New York Fashion Week, next to shoes… your best hair is the biggest travel essential.

Now, make it yours! Recreate today’s outfit for yourself by shopping these pieces. Each link & item photo below takes you directly to the item or a similar item. It’s like a click-able magazine. I’ve done the hardest part for you… tracking down the items, and I try to pick pieces that are as reasonably priced & quality as possible! Now you just have to click through the links and add to cart!

So, are you ready to bring this inspiration home to your closet? Shop today’s outfit:
pinstripe Ralph Lauren bow shirt || grey wool pleated skirt || nude pointed toe nine west pumps || Tory Burch tote via Pumpz at Galleria Edina || cognac J.Crew belt || Michael Kors gold slim runway watch || LOFT pearl hairpin

photos by Chelsea

Trench Coat

polka dot dress

polka dot dress 1

trench coat

polka dot dress 2

polka dot dress 4

trench coat 1

polka dot dress 3

It’s trench coat season! This trench has lasted me a few years and it goes with almost everything this time of year. I’ve shopped around for the 10 best trench coats available right now. They range in price from under $50 to over $1500. It depends on the quality and longevity you are looking for. A trench is one of those pieces I would recommend investing a little more in because it is so classic and versatile.

Shop this season’s 10 best trench coats:

Like the polka dotted Tory Burch dress? Shop a similar one here via Bluefly. And the embellished satin Badgley Mischka shoes? You can shop those right here via Macy’s. And lastly the navy personalized clutch is still available through Gigi New York.


green plaid turtleneck dress

green plaid turtleneck dress 4

green plaid turtleneck dress 3

green plaid turtleneck dress 2

green plaid turtleneck dress 1

green plaid turtleneck dress 6

green plaid turtleneck dress 5

Fall is definitely happening in Minnesota. As of yesterday. I had my first “brrrr, where are my quilted vest and camp socks” moment after walking out of the movie Scorch Trials last night. Have you seen that one yet? I really liked it. There’s something about a young dynamic leader going all Jason Bourne with his entourage and you know… saving the world that gets me all revved up. Boom. No need to accept things the way they are. Change is possible and good and let’s let our voice be heard and take action y’all. All those cliches are cliches for a reason, right?! The one thing I could do without in the movie is the zombies and ork-like nasty creatures. I mean gross! Blech. I’d really rather not ever set eyes on those. Ever.

But what I would like to keep setting my eyes and credit card on are these easy sweater dresses. When it’s 40-60 degrees, I’ll be styling them with bare legs and boots and once we dip a bit lower in temps, I’ll throw on a pair of tights or printed leggings. It’s a nice way to mix up the sweater and pants routine for the colder months.

photos by chelsea

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plaid turtleneck dress || beige mule shoes || quilted navy bag || headband